Baldwin Team

Bill Rankin, President of Baldwin Logistics, has 28 years motor transport experience, managing and developing private, dedicated, and contract carriage fleets. Prior to joining Baldwin Logistics in 1999, Bill served both as president of a logistics company and as president of a paper mill owned and operated by Lydall Inc.

Gilles Vaillancourt served CN Railways for 34 years, most recently as Director-Interline Business and Sr. Manager Pulp & Paper Marketing. He has been Baldwin's Vice President-Marketing (Canada) since 1995, developing Canadian Business opportunities.

William M. Schiffer is a graduate of West Point with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After serving in the U.S. Army in both Europe and the U.S., Bill returned to New York to join Newhaven Distribution in 1990. Bill is the President of Newhaven Distribution and President of Meadow Distribution in New Jersey.

Mark A. Marasco joined the start-up of Maple Leaf Distribution in 1986, after receiving his MBA from MIT. Mark repeated his Maple Leaf success with the startup of Stellar Distribution in Chicago in 1994. After the sale of Stellar in 2003, Mark returned to his role as President of Maple Leaf. All properties under Baldwin Logistics umbrella depend upon his technical expertise in data systems design.

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